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A KiKi Kitty is most commonly known as GaiaOnline's favorite little cat plushie. It was released in March of 2005 through the Thank You letters given to anyone who donated or purchased a Sealed Envelope for that month.

Not only are they available in pixel form, but now can be purchased as a real life plushie or imprinted on a light blue shirt. The RL plushie has a hole in it to attach a clip or something and measures about 8 inches (20 cm) long and 4.5 (11 cm) inches wide. The shirts range from small to extra large Babydoll size shirts, which are very form fitting. The price for the plushie is $14.99, and the shirt is $11.99: both are the price before the calculated shipping.
My RL KiKi Kitty plushie is fluffy like a marshmallow!
by teh ebil ducky August 24, 2006
The Google sheep is a very strange, zombie-like individual. Google sheep flock to Google for all their questions and/or to come off smart. They will type in search terms using quotations, because that to them means they will get the most accurate and valid results; the first 10 entries are the only acceptable entries, except in the case of images, in which all are valid and "fun" to pester random people on forums, messengers, or email.

Google sheep are commonly seen lurking around, looking for something to Google late into the night and early morning - 3am is high time for the sheep. Online forums are the most common gathering place for the sheep.

Mating is unheard of, unless they use their Googling skills to pick up tips that are created by other Google sheep, and by chance find another sheep just as desperate.

Their diet is based on candy, soda, and Ramen noodles, but only if time allows; some searches distract the sheep from the normal mode of life for several hours at a time.
Someone randomly sent me an image of a yellow umbrella, telling me they save lives and sent me a link to a site full of more pointless umbrellas - what a Google sheep.
by teh ebil ducky August 27, 2006
A Glico product from Japan that's a biscuit stick covered in fudge, sometimes with candy peices added. Some may say it's over-rated, but they don't eat more than one stick. ^.^

Rare to find in America, except for Anime conventions, select Wal-Marts, rarely-found Oriental markets, and eBay. If you're not big on Anime, and afraid to go to the Oriental market, but like the taste, try eBay, as they don't exercise slave labor, and have the cheapest prices just a click away.

The cost for a two-pack of Chocolate Pocky is just about the same as a regular Hershey bar, give or take 20 cents, depending where you go.
I didn't understand the hype of Pocky until I eBayed some. It's really good!
by teh ebil ducky September 30, 2006

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