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Consists of too many words that arent neccasary.
This sentence is too wordy because it has too many words which can be shortened.
by teh Kelz March 04, 2006
spelt cultural or cultral, the cultral frame is a branch of art where the artist uses his family background, religion or other various aspects of his life is conveyed into the artwork
Cubism was a dull aspect of life.
Picasso's cultral frame of "seated nude" was dull at the time ?
by teh Kelz April 06, 2006
A structure of art, where the artist convey the meaning of the art through texture, line, colour, boldness, text or style.
Museum Guide: "Although in Picasso's, Seated Nude, the main style of painting was cubism, the artist conveyed the sense of meaning through a structural frame."
by teh Kelz April 06, 2006
To have no money in you're bank account or trust- etc etc.
The guy went broke after his shares plummeted to nothing
by teh Kelz March 03, 2006

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