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3 definitions by teenez

Being balls deep inside an Asian pussy or her "fortune cookie".
"I finally went out with that Asian chick and by the end of the night, I was waist deep in fortune!"
by teenez July 10, 2012
2 1
Used as a noun to describe someone that is basically good for nothing but puts a smile on your face if you push them down a flight of stairs.
"I've heard of new guys but this crew has a lot of slinkys in it. It's gonna be a long day."
by teenez July 09, 2012
7 6
A drunk chick who finally shows up to a party that's dominated by horny males that have been waiting a long while for some females to show up. (i.e "sausage fest")
"When is the fumble getting here? I'm horny!"
"Girl, if you go to that party, you're gonna be a fumble because there are not going to be any other girls there."
by teenez July 10, 2012
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