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4 definitions by tee hee

oral sex
He refused to go downtown, even after I did! No more nana for him!
by tee hee November 14, 2002
309 90
1. an insult--
yo mama
yer sista
ya girl
trick up tha block

2. a person that gets all her possetions from pple they hav sexual intercoarse with, or do sexual favors

3. don't get it twisted-- it could be YOU!
you cant borrow $2.00 from a $2.00 hoe, then she just a hoe! --matterfact that slutbucket owe me money!
by tee hee January 23, 2004
2 8
1. a person (usually females) who uses thier body to get worldy possesions.

see slutbucket
ooooh girl, he got diamonds!! Trick on that nigga!
by tee hee January 23, 2004
5 14
::verb, To approach a sleeping or unconscious or sleeping victim and take a quick suckle of their nipple.
Marsha snuckled Goerge last night, and when he woke up he had snee that could poke someone's eye out.
by Tee Hee January 26, 2004
4 17