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The feeling after having spent the last few hours Googling everything you ever wanted to Google and now you're exhausted.
I checked every variation on fun places to go for our vacation, and now I'm googledout.
by TedGlen August 16, 2010
a person who text messages (sms) way too much to the point that it causes dysfunction in their life.
He text's me 50 times a day. I know he loves me, but I'm pretty sure he's a txtaholic.
by tedglen August 16, 2010
A man who has not married a woman long after common law marriage has decreed them married. A long-term boyfriend. someone who a girl should be married to but isnt.
She has had a nonhusband for 10 years an now she has nothing. She should have gotten married!
by tedglen December 10, 2010
The act of being unreachable by email, whether deliberately or because you have something better to do than answer the senders email.
I tried to reach him. I know he has a job, and also a Life, but now he's gone incogmailo. Don't you think he should at least email me back to tell me he won't be emailing me?
by tedglen August 16, 2010
having not yet been induced into a cult
The newbies on the ground floor are uncultivated. Here we perform exorcisms.
by tedglen December 10, 2010

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