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1. a state of affairs existing between those engaged in a relationship based primarily on text message correspondence.

2. a relationship where having text is the primary goal.
We're in a committed, textual relationship because we text each other daily; though I'm afraid she's just using me for text!
by teddybeest October 26, 2010
(woo fee): "cool" or "good" or "awesome"
A: Have you heard that new Black Eyed Peas?

B: Yea, that shit is woofy!

A: Have you been to that new club?

B: Yea, it's woofy as hell in there!
by teddybeest June 22, 2011
When you text someone and they are slow to respond or leave you hanging on an inquiry via text; generally neglectful of their texts.
Person 1: "Dude, Lindy texted me the invite and I replied "what time" and he totally left me hanging".

Person 2: "Dude, I know he is a neglextful bastard!"
by teddybeest February 09, 2011
An act of love that involves inserting the hand in the anal or vaginal cavity and writing your name or a pictorial on the inside wall with your fingers.
She was soaking wet and screaming for more, when she asked me to do a cave painting in her punany. I happily obliged!

He wanted to remember me forever so I cave painted my initials in his ass.
by teddybeest October 28, 2010

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