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There is one point that needs to be clarified and that is the stupid statments by some more ignorant people claiming techno is written by computers. This is as foolish as claiming a book is written by a pen or a song by the guitar itself. The computer (or drum machines/synths/samplers) is a tool used to compose techno music. and the creation of good techno requires a different skill set to conventional music and often classicly trained musicians who attempt to create techno fail. It is about the intricate layering of sounds, melodys , and rythmical elements . the creator is essential composing and conducting a peice of music that a virtual ochestra will play.the proccess is in a way similar to the way classical music is created where the credit lies prodomently with the composer not the people who actually play the music. would you say mosart knows nothing about music because he is merley putting pen to paper?

(please note i am not comparing classical music to techno just illustrating a point that both forms of music are created offline and rely on repeating structures that are created by thinking and editing rather than physically playing the music)

That techno record has 53 tracks going at the same time - it took me 3 weeks to arrange
by techno lover January 13, 2007

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