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Exercising a strict adherence to the religious and or political tenets of or pertaining to a significantly sedentary lifestyle. Expressing (without movement or action) a firm belief in all things lazy and inactive.
Lazy Susan is one of the sedentaryest sedentaryists I know. She is a firm advocate of antidistestablishmentsedentarianism and her quite passion for the sedentary lifestyle borders on sedentarocity.
#sedentaryest #sedentaryists #establishmentsedentarianism #lazy-a$$ mofo #sedentarocity
by team grammatard February 15, 2010
One who revels in the folly of semantic play and gets mildly to extremely aroused when hearing dangling modifiers, innuendos, past participles or phrases like: "eats, shoots and leaves."
A cunning linguist often gets semanticklish when his innuendo reveals a smaller than average dangling modifier.
#grammatard #cunning linguist #ignoropoly #verboten #wordster #wordsmith
by team grammatard February 15, 2010
The act of someone monopolizing all of something in a manipulative way. Anything can be monopulated - your affections, a person, the hot water in the shower, the remote control, someone's time...See Time Vampire
I can't believe that slutty girl is trying to MONOPULATE the attention of every cute guy in the bar! She is such a MONOPULATIVE little bitch!
#monopulate #monopulative #bogarter #bad roommate #selfish prick
by team grammatard January 26, 2010
One who simultaneously sucks at and revels in the dual destruction and promotion of grammar, lexicon and semantics.
One day I hope to become a recognized contributor to urban dictionary...one day people will read my posts, see my name and cry out: "now there is a grammatard of note!" Team Grammatard is now accepting applications for membership.
#grammatard #semanticklish #verboten #linguish #ignoropoly
by team grammatard February 15, 2010
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