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An immense Literature teacher at Fort LeBoeuf middle school. she/he...not sure has two unsightly moles on her right arm, one on top of her right foot, and three smaller ones on her left arm. All having disgusting black hairs spiraling out from the tops. She has mad OCD and her students tend to move things on her desk just to watch her annoyingly fix them/stare at them during class. Also in between groups of words she takes very large heavy breaths. She stands around 6' 2", weighing around 400 pounds. When students feel extremely hungry they will often say they are feeling "Krahe-size" as an insult they can also say to somebody "Dude, your Krahe-size today!" she also has a "beauty lipstick" its an incredibly deep red almost black that she smears on her face in high volumes. Her hair is always in the same position. Also refereed to as Helga. This is the worst teacher you will ever meet.
1.)"Your Krahe-size today!"

2.)"Got enough beauty-stick on today?"

3.)"You got a second lunch?? Your Krahe size!!"

4.)"Guys, Mrs. Krahe has her beauty-stick on today!!"
#gross #hate #zeal #fat #helga
by teacherhater!!! May 07, 2010
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