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A war in which ignorant hippies in the USA as well as the usual ignorant foreigners and communist supporters around the world helped lower the morale of the brave soldiers who were fighting in Vietnam against communists and called them baby killers among other things when the soldiers who were over there had seen and gone through more than any one of those cowards would ever see in their pathetic lives. And then after the communist supporters got their way the North Vietnamese as well as Pol Pot and the Cambodian communists went on to kill 3 million people in both countries (including many women and children that the cowards dispised the American soldiers for supposedly killing earlier in the war) the rest of which were put into slave labor camps in Cambodia. Of course the communist supporters ignored the genocide after the war because of their cowardice and ignorance.
Most hippies and communist compare the Vietnam War with the War on Terrorism. It looks like they are still just as ignorant now as they were 30 years ago.
by tbkkeg October 09, 2005

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