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Fipsters are simply functional hipsters. They are bona fide hipsters (see definition of hipster), who in close group of friends feel safe enough to exhibit their hipster tendencies without feeling their lives are in immediate danger by the rest of the world that just "doesn't get it." However, they know that they must tone down their hipster ways in order to be taken seriously as a credible and contributing individual of society. They must tone down their love of taking brunch pictures, quoting lines from Catcher in the Rye, and discussing the struggles they've endured growing up in a well-adjusted and loving upper-middle class home in a predominantly white community. At first it is difficult for the hipster to transform itself into a fipster. However, with consistent practice, a hipster can seamlessly transform itself into a fipster. These elite few can transform themselves in the same amount of time it takes to pick out their next ironic tattoo--not long.
by tatertotsareyummy July 24, 2011

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