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This game is actually called "Cock of Doody: The Revenge of Osama"(which was edited do to alquada threatening IW). It features modders, noobs, 10 year old, and the occasional guy who is classified as "skillful" or "normal"(although these are rare)

It was within this game a very famous moderator, The Pro, was recorded banning Itz Lupo(some variation of that). This video was edited, long story shot, The Pro lost all moderator powers(and possibly killed himself,or moved out of his mothers house.)
Gamer 1 "Want to come play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?"
Gamer 2 "Nope, sorry, I'm busy playing the Halo:Reach Beta, which is, sadly, better than that rubbish."
Gamer 1 " PLEASE! I'll let you noob tube.."
Noob (forms from a puddle of noob sauce)"Pick me"
by tat 1 dude May 09, 2010
This is a Halo term, meaning a wharthog lacking a turret, these are usually found in campaign, or done by a glitch. The only purpose of having one is the fact that noobs heavily avoid this, as if their life depended on it.
PRO 1: "Hey, lets use tat's mods like consumer whores to get a Neutered warthog on our map so no people cheat."
NOOB: "HELL NO I need mah gauss cuz the game is g@y withoutz it because they is MLGEEEEEEEEEEE."
PRO: "Why did I add you?"
by tat 1 dude July 20, 2010

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