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to get money..to have money
Pimps_Yo its friday, those bitches better have my mail.

Gimmie some mail so i can get his diapers from the store.
#money #cash #dough #bread #change
by tasha/rachel April 30, 2007
to have sex, had sex, want to have sex
Boy_ yo sweet heart whatsup i knew you for sometime now, and i still aint pop.

Girl_Im the virgin, and i think poppin isnt the answer

Boy_(well ima pop somebody)

Another Girl_wassup cutie?

Boy_aye wassup,..yu tryna do sumthing..?

Girl_im tryna pop--wassup?

"on and poppin"
#fuck #kiss #sex #dicked #caress #planning intercourse
by tasha/rachel April 30, 2007
an ugly person, mainly a female, but can be used for the ugly ass brothers too.
Males_I was at this party when some good smellin lady came up to me, i turned around-- man that bitch was a straight duck.

Females_ Did you see that girls boyfriend, he looks like a rich ass duck..well atleast he got the dough to cover up his looks..lol
#ugly #bad lookin #non attractive #shitty #goose
by tasha/rachel April 30, 2007
to be described as a sour pussy..male or female
callin someone gay or bad mouthing them, disrespecting.
I asked for a soda, yo you dumb ass shit, you fucking lemonade.
#soft #gay #any down grade word #pussy #dickhead
by tasha/rachel April 30, 2007
a coward person..boy or girl
Did you see them pussy ass girls roll on her, they probably wouldnt have won if it was a one on one.

(to roll on is to fight a fight with more ppl than what the other person has)
#coward #punk #cat #snitch #girl #boy
by tasha/rachel April 30, 2007
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