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the pubic hair on a mans balls
ive got a luxurious trail from my chest pubes down to my ballfro.
by tash!=] December 13, 2008
extremely small, wack ass town.
with a bunch of wack ass nothing to do.
the inhabitants of this town usually party & get fucked up out of their brains to pass the time away.
1)lets go to lincolnton & get fucked upp!
2)I heard the new girl likes to party, she must be from lincolnton.
by tash!=] December 12, 2008
the nipple on your titty.
(or the titty your nipple is on)
1) omg! you gave me a titty nipple twister!
2) ahhh! i see your titty nipple.
3) no one touches my titty nipple but me.
by tash!=] December 12, 2008
randomly yelled at people walking down the street.
originally a wack ass song by hurricane chris, but is now used to fuck with peoples heads.=]
girl::"A Bay Bay!"
boy1::did she just yell A Bay Bay?
boy2::i think so..
boy1::whoah, shes fuckin with my head man,
by tash!=] December 12, 2008
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