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arabs r ppl that ben very missunderstod in the past few years they r a decint coulture but they have some ppl that have some crazy belive's that's wrong , I am an arab and i am really proud, now i will explane what ppl have inderstod wrong for the past few years, arab's r mostly muslims but there is a little bit of christians and jews, c arab's r just like other ppl they dnt alwayes think about america and bush but lets just remeber that he started this shit a long time ago ( no offence ) so0 the terorest arab's r all muslim's they think that killing a person who dosent belive in islam is their perpose so0 they r EXTREEEMLY wrong its actually forbidden in our riligion 2 kill some 1 without war between ur country and his (or any other thing)the problem is that makes more terorests (in my point) is the racism ,c i am born in america in colorado but now i live in saudi arabia and still when i go 2 america they alwayes think i am going 2 blow their ass up , they keep askin me if i was a terorest actually i will say that truth i dnt give a daimm what they think i just wanna live my life cuz its now or never i aent gonna live 4 ever ,.... but some ppl take it seriously and when we talk 2 the athourties thet ignore us ,,,,, i just wanted 2 explane this...2 make thing's cool .. and actually if i suprized u i am 15 years old only... peace and love
dudes i didint know that i have 2 give an example soo this is just nothin, peace (the notorious arab)
by tamer arsenal lover January 10, 2007
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