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(1) fly ass girl, you would like to know
(2) a mating call used in parts of America
(1) Damn!! That girl is a skee fa sho
(2) (as a hot girl walks by) one is to say "skee skeeeeee"
by tommy April 04, 2004
when you give a girl an enima and she holds it in with her thumb, stands over you and lets it out all over you.
sarah loves to get an oil change from guys she just meets, and let it out on there face.
by tommy October 20, 2003
a jive turky. an idiot who is gay with dogs.
your gay like codybear!!!
by Tommy September 09, 2004
A person using this fraise is say that her is you pimp. If you are told this you should get down on you knees and say "your rick james".
I'm rick james bitch!

-Dave Chappel
by Tommy November 13, 2004
The most desired thing by people who attend raves.
"I can give you sex, I can give you drugs and what I certaintly can give you is House!...Sex and drugs and House!"
by Tommy May 21, 2004
A reticulous animal, tentive to resort to using spam in a forum. It also has a tendancy to use the word "McPenis Fillet".
Ohhh my god! its a rueben!
by Tommy November 13, 2004
A female anus.
Hence has become a broad definition for a mean or nasty person (arsehole).
'Eughh you dirty bastard, your fingers smell of git!'

'Did you take her up the git?'

'She had a lovely tight little git'

'He's a nasty bastard, a right git'
by tOmmy April 26, 2004

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