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a term created by those that like to subcategorize as far as they can, when really, almost every single band dubbed as "deathcore" can be considered death metal. what makes the "genre" deathcore even more ridiculous, is that no bands will actually call themselves, nor admit to being deathcore, the "fans" and familiars are the ones that name it such. the only difference between what people consider death metal and deathcore is that "deathcore" focuses a little bit more on breakdowns, but old death metal bands such as Dying Fetus uses breakdown very much in their music, and are still called death metal.
Scene Guy1: liek omgz doh did you hear abowt taht new deathcore band carnifex?!?!?!

Non-Faggot1: Yeah, they've been around for awhile and they're not deathcore you scene fag. They're straight fucking death metal.

Scene Guy1: oo.. well they still are hella br00t4l!!1!1!1!

Non-Faggot1: No, brutal is a gay ass word when using it to describe music, gtfo my /b/

**Scene Guy1 goes and faps to Bring Me The Horizon**
by t3h dyld0z3r June 04, 2009

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