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Rach's are one of the smiliest, most attractive people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. A Best Friend, someone that you know you can always rely on through anything and everything. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and give everyone a chance. Rach's are known to be cautious of becoming too close and overwhelming of people. However once you have gained their trust, love and respect they would do almost anything to make sure you are happy. Your rach will never desert you and will always be there for you to talk to, you can tell your rach absolutely anything. Your rach should only be your rach if you can trust them with your life, if you would do anything for them and if they mean the world to you, a best friend that you couldn't live without and who you never want to loose.
"Am i your rach?"

"No, only rach is my rach"
by t1his is it April 13, 2010

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