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1 definition by t-rav is balla

The Righteous Warriors of True Rockage are first off and foremost, a guild of loyal Toast machine fans. We pledge our allegiance to the flag of the united truths of Rockage. These truths are as follows:

1. To live and to rock as hard as possible at all possible times
2. To help others live their lives to the fullest in the ways of true Rockage.
3. To promote Rockage and truth of its being to all.

We live this way because Toast Machine has called upon us, and it was said "as we set out on our noble venture - to bring true Rockage to the world - we shall face much difficulty. We summon thee to our aid!"

And as the message was said, The Righteous Warriors of True Rockage (TRWOTR) said, "It shall be done!"

All RWOTR start out at the rank of a lowly page, and shouldst they show glory in the field, other ranks are made available, such as Squire, Infantry, Cavalry, Knight, Knight Lord and Lady Knight.

We are in the ranks of the greatest alliances to have ever walked the face of this planet and we shall continue fighting until the great troubadours Toast Machine know both fame and success we their rocking music.
We are the Righteous Warriors of True Rockage.

To bad your band doesn't have Righteous Warriors of True Rockage like Toast Machine.

To be one of the Righteous Warriors of True Rockage, you must first possess only the noblest of mind and valiant of spirit.
by t-rav is balla January 29, 2007
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