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n. from the Hebrew. one who has all metrosexual qualities such as: tight pants, versace t-shirts, and homoerotic bar-room tendencies.
yo last night my boy was acting like a zand; groping that guy at the bar.
by t vance December 14, 2004

1: to confuse one's racial identity
2: to oscillate between gangster rapper and prep boy republican within one conversation
3: to actively reject one's Asian heritage
He is dumping his Asian name because he is so seonged.
by t vance December 14, 2004

1. A human who lacks any sort of coordination or motor skills.
2. A court-jester.
3. Characterized by spasmatic laugher.

Derivation unknown
Fishel could not come up with a definition for this term, he is just another lawnsby.
by t vance December 14, 2004
1. To lose a bad hand in poker on a ridiculous beat.

Derived from Gabe's bad poker play
Haha man, I can't believe he just drew out on you; you just got gabed.
by t vance December 14, 2004

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