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When your dog's arse gets itchy, usually after it drops a load, and then it drags its arse on the ground by its front legs.
I laugh my butt off when my dog does the butt skootin' boogie.
by t June 29, 2004
On the down low.
I listen to Justin Timberlake on the QT.
by T November 22, 2003
Something very cool.
Like a Camero.

Bitchin Camero
Bitchin Camero
by T February 13, 2004
used to describe a want for pussy
I got pink fever when I saw those fine honeys.
by T March 31, 2005
stands for "very"
i have to shizzle vizzle bizzle - i have to go to the restroom very badly
by t June 20, 2003
a vehicle used in transporting person to and fro
That nigga just drove by in his fat ass sled, dawg!
by T April 24, 2003
sick, just sickter than sick. can be used with sickter rickter.
"dude, your mom was sickter last night."
by T April 01, 2005

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