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A mythic male. His words are supportive, but not intrusive. He "knows" and "understands" what women want and need. His farts smell of scented flowers. He was created by the female ethos to counteract men being men. ...He is the wussies man alive.

Woman: I had a hard day at work. No one understands me or appreciates me. I feel as if no one cares.

Regular dude: That's because no one does care, and you don't do anything all day. Get over yourself and stop being so fucking dramatic.

Manicorn: (pulls up on his pink chariot made of eco-friendly materials pulled by unicorns) That was insensitive to her needs. You should reconsider and learn to tuck your balls back.

Regular dude: (pulls out gun and shoots the manicorn in the face) That'll learn you. Bro's before hoes! Man law!!!1one!!!!

Female: But.... he was the mainacorn... now he's dead.

Regular dude: Yep. Bastard didn't even ask me how my day was.
by syntheticsolutions October 06, 2008

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