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2 definitions by sweetpea scissorbill

A wonderful, spunky, bestest girlfriend you could ever ask for. Always there when you need support and a shoulder to lean on. Loves hula hooping like mad crazy and loves the beauty that nature creates. Has an undeniable sex appeal to men and women alike. Will bring a man to his knees with the gyration of her hips while rockin the shit outta the hula hoop. Usually lives in Portland Oregon but is from Alaska originally.
A curveceous, smiling woman you see at a local park with a fluffy dog, curly, pink hair and a hula hoop or two, a Lacye
by sweetpea scissorbill July 09, 2010
1. A sexy young man usually named Tim who's irresistible to an older sexy Jenn
2. Who'll give you multiple orgasms in one hot sex session
3. A sex panther has great texting etiquette and is always on time, if not early
Jenn: "Sorry, I can't hang out this weekend, I've got a date with a sex panther."
Christie: "Isn't a date usually just a night?"
Jenn: "It's a sex panther, they last all weekend so I'll need time to recuperate."
Christie: "Damn I wish my man was a sex panther..."
by sweetpea scissorbill July 09, 2010