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Like any small suburban town on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Sharonville has its own flavor that adds to the area. Ameristop has flourishing buisness as it is the main hang out for teens/pedifiles/gypsies/small gangs/skaters and bikers and your occasional truck driver. Once a trusting network of candy and beer, the ameristop has rearranged the isles and added a high tech walk in beer cooler in an attempt to cut down on robberies. Rumor has it that they have also had to install bullet proof windows to try to prevent cars from crashing into them. The most famous landmark in all of sharonville is indeed the "ghetto bench" which used to be off white and green but is now painted a horrendous red white and blue. From the ghetto bench it is possible to view the many gangs that pass through this small town. Also, to the left, there is the only fencing center in the greater cincinnati area. Well, there might one other but im sure it doesn't compare. If extreme boredom takes over, one might be compelled to view and older movie at the act one (aka the rat hole). It may seem that sharonville is truely the ghetto but, alas, there is only one ally that is not wide enough to add into the impossible driving test. Yes, its true, there is a decreasing number of legal drivers in the area, but the smart kids travel to places like mt healthy and pretty much anywhere else. To try to keep kids off the street, the city has built a sweet pool that is home to an even sweeter swim team. Yes its sweet.
Kid 1: Ya wanna skate to A-stop with me.
Kid 2: My dad says the gypsies will get me if I go down there. I'm too afraid.
Kid 1: Sucks for you.
(Kid 1 was never seen again)
by sweetness at life June 22, 2005

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