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usually, really fucking smart. they can be pretentious, but they have the right since they're so smart. usually listens to obscure bands that arent on the radio and likes to read. although it represents th idea of being who you are, indie has become a stereotype in itself.
then there are kids who try to be indie, and they're really annoying. you can notice the difference between a real indie kid or a fake indie kid because indie kids dont go out of their way to prove they're awesome and listen to cool music. if it comes up in conversation they may discuss music but not try to shove it down your throat. on the other hand, someone who tries to be indie will use every given oppurtunity to rattle off an obscure band and prove how cool they are.
real indie kid: hey, how are you?
fake indie kid: i'm okay, the shins.
real indie kid: what?
fake indie kid: i said the shins, must of slipped out, they're like so awesome because i have the garden state soundtrack.
real indie kid: oh.
fake indie kid: yeah i listen to awesome music. i'm pretty awesome in myself.
real indie kid: fuck.
by sweetdealhomes May 12, 2007

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