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12 definitions by sweet96635

1. a Navy term meaning "overthink" that implies you are thinking like a nuke (as defined in the second definition).
2. a person in the Navy, either enlisted or officer, who has had nuclear training and currently works in the field. These people require a higher pre-entrance testing score on their ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) and tend to be smarter than the average person in the Navy, and many times tend to lack common sense.
(for definition 1):
"Don't nuke it."
"You are nuking it."

(for definition 2):
"I just finished training as a nuclear electrician, so now I'm officially a nuke!"
"You're not technically a nuke, but you sure think like one."
"You're such a nuke!"
by sweet96635 December 07, 2011
Fake profiles on dating sites to get people to join. Yahoo Personals was sued for their romance scams. Most dating sites, if not all of them, have many fake profiles to get people to pay, or, for sites that are free, it gets people to sign up and bring a lot of traffic to their site, making the businesses gain profit from their advertisers. Plenty of Fish, a free dating website, is full of romance scams.

Think about how a personals website starts if it starts with zero members. Who would sign up? It is theorized all dating sites start out with and continue to have romance scams. It is an unethical, yet very effective way for their business to make money.
Don't sign up for Plenty of Fish--you will waste most of your time with romance scams.

Most, if not all, of the beautiful women on dating sites are more than likely romance scams.
by sweet96635 January 27, 2011
A false truth is something believed by many people to be true but is not. It is usually something that cannot be backed up with hard evidence.
Many people in countries governed by Islamic law share a common false truth that women are not as mentally capable of men.
by sweet96635 October 26, 2011
to be without a mustache
"It relieves the pain of mustachelessness" said Peter Griffin in the Family Guy episode "McStroke" (Season 6 Episode 8) after eating 30 hamburgers in a row at a restaurant where he suffered a stroke just after.
by sweet96635 January 20, 2011
My teacher said he'll edumucate me on how to use a computer.

Let's get a good edumucation.

I've been edumucated quite well.
by sweet96635 January 15, 2011
phrase used in the Navy, usually on a ship or submarine, said by one shipmate to tell other shipmate(s) to stand aside (and make a "hole") as they are in a legitimate hurry, such as when a shipmate is injured and is hurrying to medical
Make a hole! Injured shipmate coming through!
by sweet96635 July 05, 2013
Something engineers, mainly Machinist Mates, do in the U.S. Navy to each other in the boiler/engineering room. A container of water is dumped from an upper level area to someone on the lower level, or from any high area to any lower area. It is always meant to be a surprise. It is also done to people who are sleeping on watch as a way to wake them up, and they do so in shock, to teach them to not sleep on watch or else it will happen again. It is also done to people who are already awake as a practical joke. Something like that would usually never be done to any higher-ups, especially those that don't participate in the game, since it will get you in trouble.
Example 1:
Petty Officer Clark: You see Price sleeping in the sscape exit? Let's water hammer him!

Example 2:
Petty Officer Price: I just got water hammered. Do you know who did it?
Fireman Stovell: Yes, it was Clark.
Petty Officer Price: I'm gonna water hammer him next chance I get! It's on now!
by sweet96635 October 20, 2012