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another word for ticketmaster.

a monopoly that is in the ticket selling and distribution business.

also see bastard.
The band Pearl Jam boycotted venues run by Ticketmaster in 1994 and filed an unfair business practice law suit against the giant.
Because of their monopolizingways their name is synonymous with ticketbastard.
by surfer girl May 06, 2005
v.t. - verb transitive

1. to get, have or exploit a monopoly of.
2. to get or occupy the whole of; aquire exclusive possession or control of.
Amanda has been monopolizing the conversation all night.
by surfer girl May 06, 2005
exclusive control of a commodity or service in a given market, or control that makes possible the fixing of prices and the virtual elimination of free competition.
Microsoft has a monopoly on PC computer operating systems.
by surfer girl May 06, 2005
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