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a stupid term only racist chavalas use, it is supposed to be an insult to us because our backs get sweaty when we work out in the sun, yet that racist maricon who calls us wetback wouldnt last 2 minutes in the blistering heat doing what we do everyday. any one who calls mexicans wetbacks is a piece of shit who probably fucks their own cousin....o yeh n by the way, this was our land 1st, the entire south west was Mexico's but you chavalas came in and stole it....so imma go n steel ur car puto!
skinner: look at dem der wetbacks, workin all day, their dun mad cuz we took der land frum eeem


skinner:what in tarnashons,,,,my cars gone

Mexican in the car: thats what you get puto!
by surenovidax3 November 22, 2011
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