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the act of de-gayifying one's house since they are not out to family, friends, or other visitors
I have to straighten the house before my parents come into town.
by supergeek2therescue August 19, 2008
A person who is considered a geek that uses his or her geekiness to help others with less geek powers.
Andrew is a such a supergeek. He fixed my computer in the blink of an eye!
by supergeek2therescue September 23, 2008
leaving an imprint of your quicksilver sandal's logo in the sand
Did you see my silverprints in the sand?
by supergeek2therescue August 19, 2008
A random outburst of Spanish by an English speaking person when having inspiring or erotic thoughts.
Dude, that chick totally had a spanigasm when she started talking about Christian Bale in the Dark Knight...

Hola` Chrisitan Bale. Como Esta`? (Bien, y tu?) Muy bien, gracias!!!!
by supergeek2therescue November 25, 2008
MILFBFF - A bisexual man's crush on a mom caused from physical attraction and that she's your shopping buddy.

Use CMILFBFF if she's a cougar.
Hay girl, lemme tell you what. You're mom is a hot MILFBFF. I had a sex dream about her and we were doin it on the curtains we just bought you from Pottery Barn!

Bi-man (a) Dude check out that CMILFBFF!

Gay boy (b) Guuuurl, that's my mom! What you talkin bout? Well she is into younger men.
by supergeek2therescue October 20, 2009

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