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1.) n. a once pejorative (now more humorous) racial slur to describe people of Italian ethnicity/ancestry

2.) n. a tasty pasta dish popular in many countries

3.) n. a German ice cream dish made to resemble spaghetti by used grated vanilla ice cream as the "noodles," strawberry sauce as the "tomato sauce," and white sprinkles as the "Parmesan"
mmm, spaghetti
by superblah May 31, 2011
A high school senior that wears a varsity jacket that says:
1.Marching Band
2.Symphony Band
and nothing else. If they have another sport on their jacket, then they're fine. (BTW, orchestra is better than band.)
Bully: I hate those band geeks. I'm gonna kill them!
Band Geek 1: Not unless we kill you first!
Band Geek 2: Get him!
Bully: Ahhhh!!!!!
(Band geeks torture the bully to death with loud and terrible band music)
by superblah April 19, 2006
Having all the symptoms of a typical hangover, except due to the effects of smoking marijuana. Weed hangovers tend to be more incapacitating than a typical hangover, and people that have experienced these will testify that they are typically much worse than the average alcohol induced hangover. Symptoms include:
Sensitivity to light
all of these typical of a regular hangover
(groans) awww man, smoked WAY too much last night (runs to the bathroom and proceeds to vomit several times) totally got me a weed hangover dud... (vomits again)
by superblah September 24, 2011

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