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31 definitions by superblah

drama or conflict created over otherwise trivial matters, normally due to boredom over a mundane or uneventful life (quite common in high school social circles)
man I hate all this artificial drama, why do these people do this to themselves?
by superblah July 31, 2011
a superhero from the demented cartoon movie, who is immune to most of the ill fortunes that regularly befall the characters, except for saying the word blah

my pseudonym
Superblah: ahahahaha it will take more than that to stop me, I'm Superbla... (pop! head flies off)
by superblah July 22, 2011
A term used to refer to a studded black belt (leather or vinyl), typically found in the wardrobes of anybody who identifies with any alternative lifestyle, good and bad (rockers, punks, metalheads, goths, ravers, emos, etc). This term is used by any of the above mentioned people due to their abundance and ready availability and to indicate their necessity in an alternative wardrobe.
hmm, looking for some new clothes, know where to start?
start with a standard issue belt, then let's get some better pants and some good shirts. also you'll need a good jacket!
by superblah December 08, 2011
a non-college variant of the sorostitute (or what sorostitutes may graduate to after college), a club slut is a girl or woman that frequents night clubs, often dressing slutty and in heels with an abundant amount of makeup, and having anorexic statures; known for drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and subsequently puking all the while looking for one night stands or brief flings with most any men, and having extremely compromised standards in doing so
see also: essex girl and california girl
dude how that go last night?
eh, just another club slut.....
by superblah September 10, 2011
going through an arduous or even torturous task knowing it will grant victory
ie doing a kegstand for over a minute, racing in the Iron Man Triathlon, the nyan challenge, or going through indoc for spec ops/forces of any branch
so yesterday I came home from BUDs training, did a triathlon today, and now I'm starting the nyan challenge! victortury!
by superblah August 04, 2011
1.) a non profane way of saying bitch
2.) a phrase used to refer to any words starting with b to indicate a stronger connotation
3.) in the context of an airport of any government security checkpoint, the b word can and does refer to bomb
dude! tommy just got pulled out and arrested for saying the b word!
no! bomb! it was at the airport!
oh shit...
by superblah March 06, 2011
in a historical context, the plague often refers to the bubonic plague or "black death", also known as pestilence, which wiped out large portions of the population of Europe and Asia during the 14th and 15th centuries

in a modern vernacular context, the plague refers to someone being out with illness, most often a chest cold or flu, usually exaggerating the extent of one's illness while demonstrating their incapacity
Sara can't come in today, she's out with the plague
Okay then send her my condolences and tell her to get better soon!

The Bubonic plague, otherwise simply called the "plague", killed millions of people in medieval Europe
by superblah March 30, 2013