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A very, very, VERY common lucky number. Also used in the bible several times. (God rests on the 7th day, 7 seals of the scroll, etc.)
Paul: 7 is my lucky number.
Joe: No way! Thats my lucky number too!
by superblah April 21, 2006
A prominent icon in the college party culture. Once used for their value, they are now used to carry out the traditions of old days and don the imagery. Any images containing red solo cups normally invoke judgments from others, whether they be accurate or not (sometimes they only contain juice?)
Boss: I noticed this interesting picture of you with a red solo cup?
Worker: oh yeah, that was at a birthday party, we used red solo cups for juice! I promise I wasn't getting plastered or being stupid!
Boss: suuuure you were....
by superblah August 13, 2011
an awesome off-broadway musical. very funny at times.
doo-ap girls: little shop, little shop of horrors little shop, little shop of terror....
by superblah April 14, 2006
the word used in the demented cartoon movie that causes a nuclear explosion
someone's just going to come up and say zeekyboogydoog any second now! but u just said......(explosion)
by superblah August 04, 2005
the act of eating a large spoonful of mayonnaise while dinner is still cooking
it's good for you
GRAB THE MAYO FOR A PRE DINNER SNACK! (eats the pre dinner mayo then whispers) it's good for you!
by superblah September 19, 2011
the act of watching "nyan cat" for 10 hours or longer
Don't disturb him he's plugged in!
He's programming facebook pages?
NO! He's doing the nyan challenge, he's 6 hours in!
My what a strong willed man...
by superblah July 06, 2011
The main setting in the musical, "Little Shop of Horrors."
Audrey: Mushnik Skid Row flourist, may i help you?
by superblah April 14, 2006

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