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larger than a muffin top and often dotted with cellulite; primarily caused by large consumption of fatty foods and lack of any movement. usually women with a MUFFIN STUMP think that their all that and a bag of funnions.
other side affects are the groping of male friends,
and the unspeakable smell that is excreted from the groin(from the lack of showering). ways to avoid a "molly" are constant insisting that she has an unbelievably large penis, and or a threatening of a punch to the sack.
Leon: Damn!, molly's got the scariest looking MUFFIN STUMP I've ever seen in my f***ing life!
Nevin: I wish she would go get that checked for weasels, i think she ate that rotting dolphin that washed up on shore last month!
James: "its worse than a muffin top, its the lower grotesque part of the muffin that nobody wants!"
Peter: i think she looks pretty hot for a beached whale!
Eric: eh! id poke er'!

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