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Used when describing a a girl/women. A butterface (actually meaning "BUT-HER-FACE") is a girl/women who has a nice body but was not blessed with the face to match, which is usually such a pitty and can be a huge let down.
"Man that gilr's a real butterface!! Nice body, BUT-HER-FACE!!!"
by supamans March 13, 2009
One who steals turds. Has also been known to be used more commonly as a term to describe people with poor taste, and that one friend who always seems to "cock-block" you.
Man: "Why the hell did you but in, you've gone and scared her away now, man you're a Turd-Burglar!!
by SupamanS March 02, 2009
A guy with a 1 inch penis.
Guy: how far did you get inside her?

1-inch Penis Guy: Justin...
by supamans August 30, 2010

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