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should result in a mob or scrapper doce'n, (OAKLAND and spreading). Turned in to a more casual greeting in bay area neighborhoods (3100, CRESTSIDE, HP, FILLMOE, THE SWAMP, LV, ETC.). Used by bay artist like Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Keak, Bailey, FAB, Etc. And appearantly borrowed by rappers from Houston, in much tha same way Snoop Doggy Dog borrows the Bay's 'izlle (ex. off the heezie fa shezzie).
"YO WHAT IT DO?" - how much doce'n can that box do?
"Whud it do do mayne? " hey whats up (in the bay)
"What it Do" - not so sure what they would use it for in Houston, maybe screw and flip tracks
by sunshine in the 'sco June 28, 2006
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