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Another name for a person's critical judgement/thinking skills and mind.
"Oh my god, my son is fucked out of his gorg!"
by Sunny January 02, 2004
Dirty ass borough of new york, no trains go to it, you can take ferries with drunk ass captains though. People smoke a ton of weed there but staten island weed is light green and has almost no smell coz its crap. Italians move there and wish they didnt, italian kids try to act black while, and only have one activity outside of smoking weed which is hanging out at the mall
Yo holla paisan! Lets go chill at the mall, then smoke some "weed" after that we can go on the ferry, then go home and eat some lasagna and ravioli
by sunny April 24, 2004
a girl that does her hair every day, wears WAY too much MAC makeup, and gets dressed up for dumb occasions in her tacky Forever 21 wardrobe.
Let's be dinosaurs for halloween and wear a lot of makeup!
by Sunny December 25, 2003
Britney H.! shes such a slut but and sunny likes!!!
wow stop being such a lovely slut butt!
by Sunny August 20, 2004
The girl at the D-Chi or Fiji party who everyone is paying attention to because she is the loudest and mostgirl there. She is also good looking, but not in the overly done-up way, and is dressed well in name brands, but not so much slutty as cute. Rival of the Chi O, teaser of the Gamma Phi, and will have an AKL fuck buddy. The Pi Phis refer to the Tri Delts as ghetto, but that's just because as bulimic crackheads, they are jealous of the Tri Delts.
Gamma Phi #1: Who is that bitch?
Gamma Phi #2: Which one?
Gamma Phi #1: The girl with the brown hair in the Abercrombie tank top and Hollister capris with the Coach bag and Chanel sunglasses.
Gamma Phi #2: Oh, the one who's flirting with Lindsey's boyfriend and laughing really loud?
Gamma Phi #1: Yeah, her.
Gamma Phi #2: Oh, that's that Tri Delt that used to get on that one AKL but she dates that D-Chi.
Gamma Phi #1: Ew. What does she have that I don't?
Gamma Phi #2: A really good personality, I guess. And she doesn't wear as much makeup or trendy shit from Urban Outfitters. And her hair isn't falling out because she bleaches it too much.
Gamma Phi #1: Okay, whatever, shut up.
by Sunny December 22, 2003
A store that sells ultra-cheap, poorly made, really tacky clothing. It should in fact be shut down because everyone from Spokane thinks that it's okay to be dressed head to toe in Forever 21 but it's never okay to do that.
Girl from Spokane:"My shirt fell apart in the wash and this is the first time I've washed it! Aw, and the sequins fell off, too. I wasted $8 on this."
Girl from Kirkland:"Where did you get it?"
Girl from Spokane:"Forever 21 in Spokane."
by Sunny December 25, 2003
A person who is really not good at life, and is not worth your time.
Why would you talk to him? He's just such a boner!
by Sunny December 22, 2003

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