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1 definition by sullen Waterloo student from Vancouver

A city on the west coast with godly scenery that enjoys California weather, to which sad bitter obese easterners living in a grey architectureless mess of a wet fart called Toronto hope to some day move to, that is if they can fork out the three-quarters million pricetag for a lower-middle class three bedroom rowhouse two hours away from downtown in leafty suburbs that aren't really suburbs since the lots are about 20 feet wide due to good city planning.
Person 1: Yeah I live in Rosedale.
Person 2: What's Rosedale?
Person 1: It's 8 city blocks of very expensive houses in Toronto. Mine cost one Million!!!
Person 2: Eww Toronto. We have a Rosedale too. It's called Vancouver. Only difference is that we have trees to look at.