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High school that was offered laptops and all these other tech-savy shit in 2002. The next year, they took it away because all we kids broke them. Now EVHS is just a regular over-populated Californian high school with a lot of Cacuasians that they think they're gangsta, a few Black kids who swear they're gangsta, not many scary Asian gangstas, and A LOT of scary looking Hispanic gangsta kids that ended up here and not at Mt Pleasant or Silver Creek because their parents are rich enough to be in the middle.
And there are a bunch of gay males, lots of bisexual females, and no lesbians.
idiot1: "I go to Evergreen Valley High School"

idiot2: "Oh you must drive your Hummer to school, work at Hollister, your parents are engineers, and you have laptops. Ritchbitch"
by suburbia is all the same July 12, 2006

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