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What happens when you ignore your penis for too long and it decides to plot out revenge.
Aw, shit. Another wet dream.
by sublym0nal September 30, 2007
A city in Georgia and Iowa, and a township in Michigan.
Also the result of furious masturbation.
Cumming is loaded with prostitutes.

I jacked off so hard last night I was cumming!
by sublym0nal August 29, 2007
Something every teenager can't live without.
May it be accidental or intentional, one cannot live without looking at porn.
by sublym0nal September 08, 2007
A drunk college student's favorite pastime.
Aww fuck...I'm drunk, it's 1AM. Let's play Mario Kart.
by sublym0nal August 29, 2007
An otherwise normal person labeled as such, often by a woman who is young and in her teenage years, by someone who is insecure, judgmental, and really won't give anyone outside their social circle a chance.

They often attempt to disguise their rationale by what could be considered purely coincidental events, such as staring at a camera in the background of a photo, being alone (which conversely can show independence, a desirable trait), or simply wandering eyes happening to glimpse another person.
Like OMG, that guy over there is such a creeper.
by sublym0nal June 09, 2010
A very annoying and insulting nickname for anyone named Brian.
(6:39:17 PM) %Sunny: bri bri
(6:39:17 PM) Sunny was kicked by Brian (Don't call me that.)
by sublym0nal August 29, 2007
A nightmare come true - a work of Satan, himself. Also the 3 words that will make any straight man cry.
Breast reduction surgery.
by sublym0nal August 29, 2007

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