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Probably the worst f**king place on this Earth. Happens normally to caring, nice guys. Girl examples are rare, but not unheard of. In most cases, the guy loves the girl, and cares about her greatly. However, due to this action, today's female will often see this as a friend-like behavior, or not realize the love he has for her. The male does everything for the girl, would always be there for her, and yet the girl doesn't seem to give two shits about his side of the story. He has continually listen to her moan and bitch about her asshole boyfriend, and how she wish she had a caring, nice one. This is normally where the male either excuses himself to go wallow in self pity, or explodes in anger at the female, confessing his love for the girl in the process. In this case, the talk usually ends with "You're a nice, caring guy, but you're more like a friend/brother to me." Which confuses the hell out of the guy, because she was just complaining about wanting a nice, caring boyfriend. All in all, a hell on earth for nice guys.
Girl: Oh my gosh Johnny, I don't understand why Bill is being such an asshole. I wish I could have a nice, caring boyfriend."

(example 1)Nice caring Johnny: "Well, I'm sure you'll find him someday." (Thinks: He could be sitting next to you...) "Hey, but I have to go wallow in self-pity in the friend zone--I mean wash the dishes."

(Example 2)Nice caring Johnny: "Oh my god Katelyn if you really wanted one, I could've been there! I have loved you for a long time, and I always have to hear you bitch about all of your asshole boyfriends, and I'm sick you you coming to me. If you wanted a caring boyfriend, I would gladly have been it. Why not give me a fucking chance?"

Girl: I'm sorry, you're a nice caring guy and all, but you're more like a friend/brother to me."

Nice caring Johnny: "WTF?! You make NO fucking sense bitch!"
by stupidBIOTCH May 13, 2012

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