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3 definitions by stujo

BBR: Blonde, Brunette and Redhead, a set of 3 girls, one blonde, one brunette and one redhead involved in any activity with no other actors.
Upon seeing the 3 hotties (one blonde, one brunette and one redhead) behind the counter at Pete's Coffee, Robin yelled BBR!! and flashed an ironic gang sign
by stujo December 12, 2009
81 44
A beautiful set of natural boobs which are only just being contained by whatever clothing is being worn. They may just spill out at any moment
I was dancing with Robin, but my eyes were on her boobs the whole time, hoping for a stack overflow
by stujo March 10, 2010
28 4
HCF - When your get particularly excited about a boy or girl with a certain hair color, Blonde, Brunette, Red Head, Salt-and-Pepper or whatever.
Stu is really into BBRs, he get's so excited when he sees a Blonde, Brunette and Redhead together, that dude has a Hair Color Fetish
by stujo March 09, 2012
4 1