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High school in San Jose. Kick-ass nationally known music program. Everything else...not so great. ok test scores. Course offerings suck compared to nearby schools. Only seems to care about preparing students for community college, so the smart kids don't know how to get into a competitive college. White, hispanic, and asian. Occasional geniuses, retards that think they're smart, and retards that don't think.

Many graduates become music majors, or at least the ones that do go to college.
1. Smart (but not informed) student: What, we have to take the SAT to get into a competitive college? Leigh High School never told me that!

2. Random fankid in Ohio: Wow, you're part of the LEIGH high school music program??? OMG!!!!!!!
*true story

3. Leigh student 1: I'm taking AP American History!
Leigh student 2: But you suck at history...you can't even write a decent essay.
Leigh 1: So? It's open enrollment!
Leigh 2: *groans*

4. Leigh student: I want to take AP Calculus BC sometime!
Counselor: Sorry, we don't have that. Only AB & AP Stats.
Student: Japanese? Italian? German? American Sign Language?
Counselor: Nope, that was a long time ago. Only Spanish and French.
Student: Woodshop? Metals? Auto?
Counselor: Don't have it.
Student:um, how about band?
Counselor: Which one?

by stuck at leigh February 22, 2007

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