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A hardcore make-out session.
Kilie and Kyler were totally macking down at that party last night!
by Strawberry Shortcake October 27, 2007
A DJ at a filthy night club that resembles a monkey with a prawn smelling ding dong.
Captain Gayfart AKA DJ prawn dick
by Strawberry shortcake September 02, 2014
A way of masterbation. To self harm. To take filth to new extremes. To self circumcise.
I'm in need for a Chris breese after docking a monkey like creatures head
by Strawberry shortcake August 08, 2014
Eater of the man anus. Loves to be turkey fisted time and time again.
To Chris breese is to be turkey fisted
by Strawberry shortcake August 08, 2014
A dead set fucking legend from the cabin days. A great bloke that could always spare a friend a fresh salad sandwich.
Cavsy once had a cat.
by Strawberry shortcake September 01, 2014
Lipsog is the condition resulting from the over-application of cheap lip gloss. The effect is soggy and peeling lips.
Kihono'D (male): I think that SusieSally was totally disgusted by my totally obvious lipsog last night.

Mihono'Q: I sure am.
by strawberry shortcake October 26, 2007
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