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Aka - The 'Jeff Goldblum Noise'. The phonetic spelling of that sound made by actor Jeff Goldblum to punctuate every other sentence he utters. A kind of smug, smirking exhalation through one's splayed nostrils, which makes the user appear superior yet self-depreciating at the same time.
"Holsten Pills... pffftt... Because all the sugar turns to alcohol!"

"You could tell that Jurassic Park 3 was going to suck ass because... pffftt... they couldn't even get an old whore like me to be in it."
by Stooo June 30, 2003
Meaningless but entertaining insult coined by Chris Horner on MSN on 23rd March 2003, at about 10.30 GMT
"Stooo, you're a shitpeasant."
by Stooo March 23, 2003
A pipe o' fun. Obviously. Also, was going to be the domain name of the best website ever, but some other fucker beat us to it by literally hours. Probably a German porn site by now.
It was going to be great. We were going to become a phenomenon. People were going to talk about funpipie all the time. there would have been a spin-off TV show and everything.
Stay tuned to find out what we call it instead.
"Wow, dude! That site with the English dudes that was going to be called funpipe.com until some German stole the domain name is bitchen'!"
- A person in the know.
by Stooo April 05, 2003
Apparently can't spell 'Sceptic'. Could just be an American (See bumper), but I don't know the guy, so my criticism seems unwarranted.
by Stooo March 23, 2003
A nonsense insult, inspired, I guess by felch. If any meaning is to be derived from it, I would assume that it is implying that the person in question resembles in some way an anus-full of semen, ,ready to be orally incorporated.
Given the kind of people I usually have cause to say this to, that's quite an apt description.
"Golly, you really are one almighty felchbox!"
by Stooo March 21, 2003
Years from now, people will look back and smile in fond recollection of the nu-metal songs they used to sing in the playground when they were five years old.
Mummy, I can't sleep without my Linkin Park CD playing. Where's my teddy bear gone? Where's Chester? Mummy..?
by Stooo May 23, 2003
Noun: A man who is not only a bumper or bumplord, but is also a twisted, wizened dwarf (like Rumplestiltskin in the fary tale)
"Who is that Bumplestiltskin-looking guy on TV?"
"Don't worry, it's only Jamie Oliver..."
by Stooo March 19, 2003
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