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march 11th. THE BEST DAY OF THE ENTIRE YEAR. the day to celebrate the band 311 in all their glory. every year on march llth this wonderous band plays in New Orleans. tie-dye shirts should totally be worn, and peace should be spread.
-ITS 311 DAY! We gotta go to New Orleans and see them play!
-in 2008, 311 day is also on fucking tuesday! So, it's two of the best days all in one!
by steven lebarron February 29, 2008
when you jump off a really really high place, and the rope does the rest!
guy 1: bungee jumping sounds so cool, i'm gonna do it twice!
guy 2: good cuz your gonna do it three times
by steven lebarron February 29, 2008
an intense muffin top. this atrocity occurs when ones loves handles are bulging over the sides of their too tight pants. it happens especially with little camo or picnic army shorts.
Shannon has some HORRIBLE muffin overflow going on today. It makes me want to throw up and NEVER eat muffins again.
by steven lebarron February 29, 2008
the day following fucking tuesday. the word pancake MUST be used instead of fuck!!
2)In the wild, male possums go through many intense mating rituals in order to recieve and pancake female possums.

by steven lebarron February 29, 2008
1) The day where you release all your pent up angers
2) used when making fun of emergency door
3) the word FUCK must be used as much as possible on tuesday
It's Fucking TUESDAY!!
by steven lebarron February 29, 2008
When a stretchy shirt bunches up waayyy past comfort,usually up to your boobs. can also happen in shorty-shorts on fat girls. this usually results in muffin overflow
Trisha had some extreme bunching going on. It was definately the grossest thing i've ever seen.
by steven lebarron February 29, 2008
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