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193 definitions by steven

An alternative acronym used to refer to LSD.
Hey.. you wanna go hang wit Lucy?
by Steven January 01, 2004
The sweet hat that Indiana Jones wears.
Indiana Jones always has his fedora with him.
by Steven December 15, 2003
The most down to earth girl youve ever met. Yet can bring about a pain so deep you actually care about a woman.
this is not applicable
by steven February 28, 2005
A suffix used to emphasise the extreme properties of just about any adjective, noun, verb, or even meaningless words.
1: Adam is emoxcore (Adam is overly emotional)

2: I'm sad. SADXCORE! (I'm very sad)

3: WOO! SNOWXCORE! (We had a lot of snow last night)

Crybaby: My dad won't let me drive his new car so I'm going to cut myself.
Guy who's smartxcore:
CRYCRYXCORE! ("Man, no one cares")
by steven December 31, 2003
1. Disk Operating System: a disk-based operating system, usually referring to MS-DOS. Originally developed by Microsoft for IBM, MS-DOS was once the standard operating system for IBM-compatible personal computers.

2. Denial of Service: a type of attack on a network that is designed to bring the network to its knees by flooding it with useless traffic.

3. Department of State: a federal or state governmental department handling issues central to the country or each of the individual States, such as travel, tourism, elections, charters and licensing, historic records, and overall public security.

4. Department of Safety: a department used by some U.S. states and cities which usually handles driver and vehicle, police, enforcement, fire, corrections, and crime statistics services for the public.

5. Department of Statistics: a department used by some countries for handling statistical reports vital to their economies and governments.
1. DOS required a lot of typing.
2. DOS attacks can cost companies millions of dollars in lost revenue.
3. If you're interesting in become a licensed lawyer, visit the DOS.
4. In some states, the DOS handles driver's licenses instead of the DMV.
5. The DOS just released new statistics on the gross national product.
by Steven May 26, 2004
A band of extremely talented rock and roll musicians. Probably the best band in music history.
I just got this kick ass acdc dvd.
by Steven December 30, 2003
A Power or True metal band

Many feel that their music is repetitive...songs about glory, freedom, blood, kings and heavy metal...but these people are posers...there isnt a band more metal than ManOwaR...

"Heavy Metal...Or No Metal At All...Wimps and Posers...Leave the Hall!!"
That shitty Kerrang mag said Manowar were one of the worst bands ever...Ooook...you can stick to Linkin Park then Mr.Kerrang you faggot
by Steven January 26, 2005