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"shelley yue" noun: 1) please see 'narutard' 2) your best-friend

"shelley yue'ish" adjective: 1) the nicest person in the world in context to ones self, 2) a person with a wonderful personality

"shelley yue/shelley yue'd" verb: 1) the act of being the nicest person in the world in context of another, 2) the act of being someone with a wonderful personality
(noun) "You're my one shelley-yue in the whole word."

(adjective) 1)"Wow, you're so shelley yue'ish to have gotten me all these flowers!" 2) "I've downloaded all these naruto episodes, i'm such the shelley yue."

(verb) "I'm going to pull a shelley yue, and cure cancer!"
by steve cheung March 11, 2005

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