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a roll of fat that hangs over a persons elbow which resembles a bell
damn your moms fat!
yeah shes got belbows!
#fat #gut #rolls #chunky #cellulite
by stephen dalton September 03, 2006
the liquid substance that comes out of a mans genitalia while extremley excited (aroused) before or during sex . not to be confused with actual ejaculate or semen though it may contain some of it.
"before i had sex with jimmy last night i noticed when i was playing with him that there was this clear liquid that kept coming out i dont know what it was sally."

"that was poodlesnot girl"
#semen #cum #sperm #precum #sex
by stephen dalton September 03, 2006
a woman having wide hips or large hips also refered to as "thunder thighs" or "holster hips".
hey did you see that girls hips?
Yeah shes got some dualies.
#dualies #holster hips #thunder thighs #large hips #child bearing hips
by stephen dalton September 02, 2006
when an a semi overwieght girl or overwieght girl wear what looks like a haulter top and the lower portion of here stomach hangs over her pants in relation to how a muffin top rolls over the top of a muffin cup when cooked
damn that girl does not need to be wearing that shirt cuz shes got a rockin muffin top .
#fat roll #gut #love handles #chunky #fat
by stephen dalton September 03, 2006
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