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a side affect from the smitty handshake. when affiliated with the smitty/vicious clan it is common to get a major poopdick
smittys odar caused an extreme poopdick to the young girls scouts selling juicy juice, 100 percent juice for 100 percent kids
by stephen catlin August 18, 2003
a retarded doug. an extreme case of a smitty. a vicious in well known for its monkey like facial structure, fast paced speed, and cuteness. they enjoy running for short periods of time followed by a terrible fall. most vicious's are between the age of 12 and 18. as they age they usually become more human like and sometimes even transform to a smitty

see also smitty
vicious challenged me to a race. after i beat him he pulled out a bannana, climbed into a tree, scratched his armpits and repeted the phraze "nuh uh nuh nuh nuh uh" many times until animal seized the raging boy beast.
by stephen catlin August 16, 2003
the ass or vagina that is meant to be eatin out in sexual fornication
i almost cried in extacy when she slurped the juices from my dug
by stephen catlin August 16, 2003

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