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the morning after youve smoked about an ounce of skunk or some (heavy on the throat)resin, and you caugh loads a shit outa your lungs. the clump itself can be compared to gargling with spinal fluid and then spitting it out like mouth wash.
no way you should have seen the siz of the dirty pot clump i caughed up on my way to work.
by ste - unit May 31, 2004
a term used to describe the little balls of shit that attach themselves to your ass-fro (ass hair). also known as stink nuggets, clingons, winnutts
i was washing in the shower and could feel the bum nutts running down my leg.
by ste - unit May 31, 2004
squirt is a nickname for a pistol,
the name deriving from the idea of a water pistol.
im goin to blast this fool, pass that squirt
by ste - unit May 31, 2004
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